ANCA 2021 – A Sustainable Conference


At ANCA 2021 we aim to organise a ‘green’ event designed, organised and implemented in a way that minimises potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and all involved.

At ANCA 2021 we will do the following;

  1. Provide water stations for filling reusable water bottles
  2. A conference app or emailed programme in lieu of printed brochures. A single page recyclable leaflet with programme may be provided for those unable to access details on their phones
  3. Our caterers to use local suppliers preferentially, and transition to predominantly vegetarian food
  4. No single use cutlery, plastic bottles, plastic cups or paper plates
  5. To avoid food waste, leftover food will be donated to local homeless charities where possible
  6. Sharing environmental awareness
  7. Lanyards/name tags will be collected for re-use in future events at the end of the conference
  8. Encourage participants to reduce carbon footprint by taking public transport to this event and bring a reusable water bottle & coffee cup


Sustainability at ANCA 2021 Conference Venue
Clayton Burlington Road

In 2019 Clayton Burlington Road undertook a Green Tourism audit and was awarded Bronze status as well as being named finalists for Excellence in Sustainability in the Facilities Management Awards 2020.

Some of the initiatives the hotel has implemented to reduce carbon footprint include…

  •  Go Digital: Clayton Burlington Road Conference Center offers state of the art facilities including Digital Welcome screens, HD Projector screens and high speed wifi so printed signage and material is reduced.
  • Eco Friendly Catering: Clayton Burlington Road are believers in the importance of ‘Producer to Plate’ and thus take care in selecting local, sustainable suppliers. They develop an eco-friendly menu and explore buffet options to help reduce your events carbon footprint.
  • Waste Management: Clayton Burlington Road has an effective waste management system in place that prioritises reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • Energy Efficiency: In recent years Clayton Burlington Road has done a lot of work to increase energy efficiency in our conference centre. This includes introduction of new LED lighting and Demand Response technology to monitor and reduce electricity consumption
  • Press Reader: Newspapers and magazines available online to download reduces paper waste.
  • Guest rooms:
    • all bedrooms with shower and tap aerators to reduce water consumption.
    • opt out of daily towel and linen changes.
    • New hybrid AC in bedrooms and Led lighting has reduced energy consumption.
    • Ceramic mugs and glasses rather than disposable plastic cups.
    • toiletries are supplied in recyclable packaging
  • Food and Beverage: Use local and sustainable suppliers including; Red Bean Roastery Coffee beans, organic Irish smoked salmon from Origin Green certified Kish Fish Co Ltd and local fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers. Buffet options that do not use plastic so use of ceramic mugs, glasses and reusable cutlery.










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